Why No Attachments are Required with Candid?

There is a MYTH that attachments are required with clear aligner treatment. In fact, it seems like companies are adding more attachments to their system in an attempt to improve control and reduce refinements. The FACT is that with CandidPro the majority of cases treated […]

What is Remote CandidMonitoring?

For Patients, CandidMonitoring keeps your patients connected to care, and can even spot some indications of oral pathologies like cavities, loose fillings, or gingival recession. For Doctors, CandidMonitoring has you covered—you can check a patient’s progress in the patient portal, and you can always contact […]

A Straighter Smile

This brochure provides a brief overview of each step in the clear aligner process as well as payment options. Recommend placing in lobby, treatment and consult room. This brochure introduces malocclusion and the benefits of using Candid clear aligner therapy. Download

Understanding Malocclusion

This brochure is designed to drive clear aligner orthodontic production. Provide this brochure to all new patients, and every hygiene patient as they check-in with guidance to complete the “Do I have malocclusion” quiz on the inside right flap. Direct your patient to give the […]